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It is an experiential process whose purpose is to heal the wounds of your child, your adolescent, deepen the healing with your mother and your feminine, with your father and your masculine, with your partner and your environment so that you are in harmony and balance in your present. They will be experiential encounters and connection with your emotions to free them, change your points of view that may be blocking you in the present and thus generate fluidity and well-being.

When is it? 

It consists of 7 meetings, the 2nd Saturday of each month. From 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. 

What is the cost?
The cost per meeting is $1800.

Where will it be?

In Entire Presence Malvín (Alejandro Gallinal 1531 that. Pilcomayo)

What are the payment methods?

-Bank transfer (savings account in Itau, 2688420)

-Payment market (to pay 1900 since there is an extra charge for the service).



-Giro por Abitab or Red Pagos (Solmaría Gabay, CI:41325657).


How do I sign up?

Through this form    


Your place will be reserved once payment is confirmed.

ANDwrite to +598 98757567 Wtsp. to confirm your place.

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