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It is a process of knowing and balancing each Chakra and the issues associated with each of them. We will go through the 7 main chakras and work experientially and deeply to balance them. 

As each chakra is linked to each main theme of our life as being: the material, the creative, our internal power, our self-love, our communication, our intuition, our spiritual connection and consciousness; it is that it will be a very healing and transforming process. 

When is it? 

It consists of 8 meetings, the 1st Saturday of each month. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

What is the cost?

The cost per meeting is $1800.

Where will it be?

In Entire Presence Malvín (Alejandro Gallinal 1531 that. Pilcomayo)

What are the payment methods?

-Bank transfer (savings account in Itau, 2688420)

-Payment market (to pay 1900 since there is an extra charge for the service).



-Giro por Abitab or Red Pagos (Solmaría Gabay, CI:41325657).


How do I sign up?

Through this form    


Your place will be reserved once payment is confirmed.

ANDwrite to +598 98757567 Wtsp. to confirm your place.

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