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The group will go through the reconnective and generative dance, releasing during the process the different emotions and sensations that are stagnant and through the deep connection in movement, awaken creativity and the energy of creation and manifestation of the Being.

Innovative tool created by Solmaría Gabay, integrating all her knowledge from these years of learning, work and practice. 


Modality:One meeting, the 3rd Saturday of each month, from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. 

We start in July.

The Space is located in the Malvín neighborhood, Alejandro Gallinal 1531 esq. Pilcomayo, Montevideo.


Requirement:Be a reader of your own Akashic Records.


Cost:The cost of each meeting is $1200 Uruguayan 


Payment Modalities:

-Bank transfer (savings account in Itau, 2688420)

-Payment market (to pay 1300 since there is an extra charge for the service).



-Giro por Abitab or Red Pagos (Solmaría Gabay, CI:41325657).

Inscription :

To register, first fill out the following form.



Your place will be reserved once payment is confirmed.

ANDwrite to +598 98757567 Wtsp. to confirm your place.


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