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What are the Akashic Records?
The Akashic Records are the memory of everything that exists.
Entering our Akashic Record allows us to bring to our consciousness the necessary information for our path, connecting with the frequency of the record invades us with love, light, wisdom to heal, and be in love with ourselves and our environment.
Opening your records is a Sacred tool of connection, healing and guidance. 
Recommended to all!!!
Opening records to others, invades us with learning since it always brings us information also to the readers, it helps us to deepen the opening of our channel and the connection with the source. Accompanying others in the connection with their wisdom. 

What can I expect from this course?
-Theoretical-practical tools to open the records of others
-Accompaniment online
-Certificate at the end of the course 

What do I need to know in advance or bring?
- Have completed the Records 1 course
- Wear comfortable clothes, bring a notebook and pen

When is it? 
13/8  from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. And another meeting a month. 

What is the cost?
$5800, the place is confirmed with the payment through transfer or deposit. 

Where will it be?

In Entire Presence Malvín (Alejandro Gallinal 1531 that. Pilcomayo)

What are the payment methods?

-Bank transfer (savings account in Itau, 2688420)

-Payment market (to pay 6100  as there is an extra charge for the service).



-Giro por Abitab or Red Pagos (Solmaría Gabay, CI:41325657).


How do I sign up?

Through this form    


Your place will be reserved once payment is confirmed.

And write to +598 98757567 Wtsp. to confirm your place.


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