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It will be a space where we will meet our shadows and integrate them in our favor. Growing a lot in the process by making it conscious. Approaching it from different experiential tools.  


Modality:One meeting, the 3rd Sunday of each month. From 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

We start in April.

Requirements:Be a reader of akashic records. 

The Space is located in the Malvín neighborhood, Alejandro Gallinal 1531 esq. Pilcomayo, Montevideo.


Cost:The cost of each meeting is $1400 Uruguayan 


Payment Modalities:

-Bank transfer (savings account in Itau, 2688420)

-Payment market (to pay 1500 since there is an extra charge for the service).



-Giro por Abitab or Red Pagos (Solmaría Gabay, CI:41325657).


To register, I ask you to first fill out the following form.



Your place will be reserved once payment is confirmed.

ANDwrite to +598 98757567 Wtsp. to confirm your place.

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